MetalScroll 1.0

It is a Visual Studio add-in that allows a graphic representation of the code
1.0.11 (See all)

MetalScroll is an alternative for RockScroll, a Visual Studio add-in which replaces the editor scrollbar with a graphic representation of the code. Compared to the original, this version has a number of improvements:
- double-clicking the scrollbar brings up an options dialog where the color scheme and various other things can be configured.
- the width of the scrollbar is configurable.
- the widget at the top of the scrollbar which splits the editor into two panes is still usable when the add-in is active.
- you must hold down ALT when double-clicking a word
- pressing ESC clears the highlight markers.
- lines containing highlighted words are marked with 5x5 pixel blocks on the right edge of the scrollbar, to make them easier to find (similar to breakpoints and bookmarks).
- multiline comments are recognized.
- hidden text regions and word wrapping are supported.
- it works in split windows.
- middle-clicking the scrollbar shows a preview of the code around the clicked line.

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